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Welcome to Whitehorse

whitehorse tipi village Star-gazing

Imagine a place where you can get away from the pressures of modern life, where you can cook over an open fire, sleep under canvas and wake up to birdsong. Where you can gather family and friends to have a truly relaxing, back-to-nature holiday.

At Whitehorse Tipi Village we make those dreams a reality.  Rediscover the natural rhythm of life and experience living, as only the native American Indians could, with a well-deserved break in one of our tipis. Located in the beautiful vale of the White Horse of Uffington, we’re just 20 minutes from Oxford. Leave the city behind and escape into a tranquil, peaceful environment.

Our tipis sleep up to six people and are luxuriously kitted out with all you need to experience tipi living. This is the original environmentally friendly holiday! Although there’s no electricity in the tipi village, you won’t miss your gadgets at all – you’ll find this is a place to explore and discover, to relax and take a step back.

Whitehorse Tipi Village offers something for everyone: a romantic getaway for couples, a fantastic summer holiday for the kids, an unforgettable experience for camping novices, an ideal gathering place for university reunions or special birthday weekends – we’re sure that all age groups will fall in love with a tipi holiday.


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